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Hand holding gold jewellery including chain, ring and earrings

We know Australians have a heart of gold!

How you can help


We know Australians have a heart of gold!

Donate your unwanted or broken jewellery and help save hearts.

Since our establishment in 1959, the Heart Foundation has invested more than $650 million into protecting and saving Australian hearts.

Thanks to our generous donors, we’ve funded life-saving breakthroughs in the battle against the nation’s single leading cause of death – heart disease.

But, our work is not done. We rely on the generosity of people from all walks of life to continue supporting researchers and their progress in the fight against heart disease. That’s why your support is so important!

Simply donate your old, unwanted or broken jewellery to our Gold4good Appeal and help fund life-saving research into heart disease.

We accept the following in any condition:

  • gold or silver jewellery
  • odd bits & pieces
  • old unwanted rings
  • damaged items
  • single earrings
  • broken chains
  • links or clasps

It’s easy to donate

Step 1

Fill in your details in the form below and we'll send you everything you need.

Step 2

Sign your Gold4Good envelope and place your unwanted jewellery in the Gold4Good donation envelope and seal.

Step 3

Place your donation envelope into the larger yellow reply-paid envelope, seal it and send via any red Australia Post mailbox.

For more information contact 13 11 12 or email us at [email protected]

Last updated19 February 2024