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Heart Health Check Toolkit

Streamline CVD risk assessment and management in general practice with the Heart Health Check Toolkit

Heart Health Check describes the first MBS items (699 and 177) that incorporate absolute cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk calculation and facilitate assessment on an annual basis.

Routine preventative heart health checks are important.

  • The burden of CVD remains high in Australia.

  • CVD causes one in four of all deaths and accounts for 1,619 hospitalisations per day.1,2

  • Over half of Australian adults live with three or more modifiable risk factors for CVD.3

  • Modifiable CVD risk factors account for 90% of risk of heart attack, reinforcing the fact that CVD is largely preventable.4

This Toolkit provides practical advice and resources, as well as ready-to-use templates, to help you and your practice integrate Heart Health Checks into routine patient care. Click on one of the tiles below to get started, or use the buttons in the menu above to jump to the section that interests you.

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Toolkit contents

Explore the list of pages in the Heart Health Check Toolkit for health professionals.

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About the toolkit

Supporting general practices to integrate Heart Health Checks into routine patient care, with a range of resources and easy-to-use tools in one place.

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Downloadable resources

A full list of ready-to-use resources available in this Toolkit.

A list of all pages in the Toolkit

  • About the Toolkit

  • Downloadable resources

For queries or to provide feedback about this Toolkit, please email [email protected].


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The National Heart Foundation of Australia acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government in the development of the Heart Health Check Toolkit.

Last updated14 March 2024