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About the Toolkit

Heart Health Check Toolkit


About the Toolkit

Setting the scene

One Australian has a heart attack or stroke every four minutes1, which makes it vital that we prioritise the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD). General practice teams play a pivotal role in the fight against CVD.

The MBS supports the Heart Health Check

In April 2019, MBS items 699 and 177 (for non-vocationally registered GPs), known as the Heart Health Check, were introduced. This preventative health assessment aims to identify patients at risk of CVD-related events. The Heart Health Check is the first MBS item to specify CVD risk. It can be claimed on an annual basis and includes age groups previously excluded by other health assessment items.

Why a Toolkit?

The purpose of this online Toolkit is to support and encourage general practices to integrate Heart Health Checks into routine patient care. It provides a range of resources and easy-to-use tools in one place.

By making the Heart Health Check easier to plan, recall and implement (as per the guidelines), more patients at risk will be identified and treated, ultimately lowering the morbidity and mortality of CVD in Australia.

How will this make a difference?

Modelling over the next five years has indicated that 76,500 CVD-related events – including heart attack, stroke and death – could be prevented with the uptake of Heart Health Checks.2


1. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, National Hospital Morbidity Database (NHMD), 2019.

2. Heart Foundation internal economic modelling, 2019.

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Conducting Heart Health Checks

Table of contents


It is with sincere and heartfelt thanks that the Heart Foundation acknowledges the contribution of many individuals and organisations to the development of this toolkit. Without their willingness to collaborate, contribute, share and innovate, this resource would not have been possible.

With special thanks to members of the following teams:

Heart Health Check Toolkit Expert Advisory Group

  • A/Prof Ralph Audehm (VIC)
  • Ms Riwka Hagen (VIC)
  • Ms Felicity Sammut (VIC)
  • Ms Pauline Barradell (WA)
  • Ms Jenni Hall (WA)
  • Ms Annabelle Williams (NSW)
  • Mr Kenneth Limosnero (SA)
  • Dr Tanusha Ramaloo (QLD)
  • Ms Lisa Taliana (VIC)

General Practice Validation Group

  • Dr Carl Jansz (VIC)
  • Ms Jane Hollier (VIC)
  • Ms Katy Hunt (WA)
  • Ms Ruth Debuque (NT)
  • Ms Marie Bottolfsen (NT)
  • Ms Jo Kruger (QLD)
  • Dr Gary Deed (QLD)
  • Ms Anna Scott (NSW)
  • Ms Angeline Johnston (ACT)

Digital development and design agencies

  • Neoteny Service Design
  • Luminary Digital
  • Relax Design

Internal support from the Heart Foundation

Heart Health Check Toolkit Working Group
  • Sophie Gohl (VIC)
  • Kerry Hollier (VIC)
  • Natalie Raffoul (NSW)
  • Jessica Zeng (NSW)
  • Cate Ferry (NSW)
  • Kerryn Brims (NSW)
  • Robyn Smith (ACT)
  • Bindu Valsala Chandran (NT)
  • Christine Hygonnet (SA)
  • Sandra Lonergan (TAS)
  • Jaclyn Coffey (QLD)
  • Julie Smith (WA)
  • Bruce Ransley (TAS)
Digital team
  • Matt Dickson (VIC)
  • Christa Brajkovich (VIC)
Health Insights team
  • Seona Powell (VIC)
  • Julie Houston (VIC)
Media and Marketing team
  • Claudia Wilkinson (NSW)
  • Alyce Turpin (NSW)
Heart Health team
  • Please direct any queries regarding this resource to [email protected]
Victoria State Government (Department of Health) Logo

The National Heart Foundation of Australia acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government in the development of the Heart Health Check Toolkit.

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Toolkit contents

Explore the list of pages in the Heart Health Check Toolkit for health professionals.

Smiling general practitioner is speaking with another man across his desk
About the Toolkit

Supporting general practices to integrate Heart Health Checks into routine patient care, with a range of resources and easy-to-use tools in one place.

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Downloadable resources

A full list of ready-to-use resources available in this Toolkit

Last updated12 March 2024