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A doctor measuring a patient's blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer, ensuring their health is monitored.

Patient invitation templates

Heart Health Check Toolkit


Patient invitation templates

Sample text for your recall invitations – letter, email or text message

Letter / email

Dear <patient's first name>

Heart disease causes 48 deaths in Australia every day. The good news is that many heart attacks and strokes can be prevented, especially if risk factors are detected and managed early. The first step to lowering your chances of developing heart disease is understanding your risk.

Our records show that you could have some of these risk factors, and we would like to invite you in for a Heart Health Check.

A Heart Health Check is a simple 20-minute check-up and <is free under Medicare / will cost $XX.XX>. It will involve:

  • reviewing and updating your medical and family history

  • checking blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels 

  • discussing your lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise

  • calculating your risk score and developing a plan to lower your risk of developing heart disease. 

Don’t ignore your heart health. Phone us on <practice number> to book your annual Heart Health Check today. Please note: You may need to have a blood test BEFORE your Heart Health Check appointment. If a pathology request form is included, please take it to the pathology provider to have your blood tested at least five days prior to your appointment with us. If you have had a Heart Health Check within the last 12 months, please contact us so we can update our records.

Yours sincerely

<Doctor’s name>

Download a Microsoft Word version

RTF versions of the patient recall letter

Patient invitation template (RTF – Best Practice)

Patient invitation template (RTF – MedicalDirector)

Text message

Version 1 option (1x SMS credit)

Hi <patient’s first name>. Your doctor would like you to come in for a Heart Health Check. To book, please call <practice name> on <practice number>.

Version 2 option (2x SMS credits)

Hi <patient’s first name>. Your doctor would like you to come in for a Heart Health Check. Our records show that you have risk factors which put you at risk of heart disease. Please call <practice name> on <practice number> to book.

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Last updated16 March 2024