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Two women arm in arm smiling as they walk, in their exercise gear

Physical activity resources for patients and consumers

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Physical activity


Physical activity resources for patients and consumers

Physical activity information for professionals

The Heart Foundation and physical activity

The Heart Foundation knows one of the key ways of improving heart health is to increase physical activity levels. This is important for all Australians across the life-cycle. It can be done by moving more and sitting less, at home, for transport, at work, with your family and in the community.

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An older couple gracefully stretching in a room, promoting flexibility and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Physical activity resources

Resources for health professionals interested in physical activity.

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Getting active at school

By increasing physical activity at school, and by walking or riding to school, children are better able to meet their physical activity needs.

A family of four jogging together in a park, enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle amidst greenery and fresh air.
Get your family moving

Get your kids active and set them up for healthier habits into adulthood.

Last updated22 January 2024