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Built environment and heart health

Healthy living


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Built environment and heart health

Resources available for built environment professionals to help guide in the development of active outdoor and indoor spaces.

The Heart Foundation and the built environment

Our evidence-based resources support relevant built environment, government and health professionals to make our cities and towns healthier places to live.

Guidelines and tools:

Healthy Active by Design

This web resource provides a 21st Century approach to healthy urban design and includes practical checklists, case studies, high-quality examples of projects from around the world with links to the evidence.

What Australia Wants (2020)

The Heart Foundation asked 2,895 Australians what matters most to them in making neighbourhoods desirable, liveable and healthy. The findings are presented in our report What Australia Wants: Living locally in walkable neighbourhoods.

Community Walkability Checklist (2020)

The Community Walkability Checklist is designed to help individuals and groups to survey their local walking environment.

Evidence review: Increasing density in Australia (2012)

Maximising the health benefits and minimising harm.

Our policy recommendations

Blueprint for an Active Australia (3rd edition) 2019

Government and community actions to increase population levels of physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour in Australia.

The Built Environment and Walking (2009)

This document outlines the Heart Foundation’s position on how the built environment influences walking by explaining the rationale, evidence and recommendations.

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