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Two bowls of Chicken Vietnamese Pho.

6 delicious and healthy soups



6 delicious and healthy soups

These healthy soup recipes are packed full of goodness but they also pack a punch when it comes to flavour.

Soups are a wonderful way to keep warm, but they aren’t just winter dishes. The six recipes below give you variety plus they're great examples of how to get more vegetables into your diet. Even better, these dishes originate from many places around the world, offering you contrasting flavours while taking care of your heart.

You can easily download and print each of these recipes too! 

Chicken Vietnamese Pho

This pho is tasty and easy to make. In just four steps and twenty minutes, you’ll be at the table with spoon in hand poised to take your first mouthful. Remember to keep your cupboard stocked with salt-reduced soy sauce and chicken stock. This way you’ll get a tasty meal that will also help you keep your blood pressure in check.

Make this pho.

Green spring minestrone

We’re almost into spring which makes this the perfect dish for lunch or dinner. It combines flavours and textures that balance each other well. The leek gives the recipe base a wonderful sweetness combined with the hearty richness of beans and mushrooms and the lightness of asparagus, peas and parsley.

Make this minestrone.

Herb and yoghurt-based soup

If you think yoghurt is an odd addition to a soup – let alone as a base – this recipe will make you rethink such preconceptions. For those who like their food to have a tangy or tart edge, this dish is for you. The Greek yoghurt and lemon juice, are balanced out by butter beans, dill and cracked black pepper. This dish might not be your run-of-the-mill soup, but it's one you’ll want to make again.

Enjoy this zesty dish.

Lamb shank and barley soup

Like its cousin - the stew - this is a classic that never goes out of fashion. It takes over two hours to make, so it’s probably one to make on a Sunday afternoon when your diary is pretty empty. But if you take the time you’ll be heartily rewarded. Given you’re putting aside the time, why not make a double batch and freeze some for those days where you don’t have time to cook?

Get this classic recipe. 

Pumpkin soup with star croutons

This one’s old favourite and with good reason. It’s a staple for many people and a great go-to dish when you can’t think what to make. Adding a sweet potato adds variety to the vegetable base plus the kidney beans give you some extra protein the more traditional versions of this dish may lack.The croutons top this dish off perfectly. What’s more, this recipe shows that melting cheese over crusty bread doesn’t have to be bad for your heart if you do it the right way.

Get this pumpkin soup recipe.

Lentil and vegetable soup with crusty bread

Continuing with the crusty bread theme above, this lentil and vegetable soup is a vegetarian-friendly crowd pleaser. In just four steps you’ll have this dish done with enough for four people. And, for an added bonus you can make our heart-friendly homemade vegetable stock. 

Make this lentil and veg recipe.

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Last updated27 April 2020