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Collaboration and Exchange Grant



Research funding


Collaboration and Exchange Grant

Encouraging fellows and scholars to visit research facilities (AUS & OS), to develop collaborations, exchange knowledge, develop skills and encourage innovation.

Encouraging fellows and scholars to visit research facilities (AUS & OS), to develop collaborations, exchange knowledge, develop skills and encourage innovation, therefore strengthen the recipient’s research capacity.

It is hoped that research facility visits can be combined with conference attendance to maximise the value from the grant, this combination is encouraged but not obligatory.

Visits to facilities in Australia are within the scope of this grant, however, the facilities should be remote from the location of the applicant, and this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the reviewers.

For applicants to be considered for funding, they must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • As the grant will need to be administered by an NHMRC Administering Institution, applicants will need to be associated with such institutions to be eligible.

  • Open to all Fellows and Scholars who are currently, or in the past 12 months, funded by the Heart Foundation

  • The requested ‘collaboration and exchange’ activity must not be for more than six months.

  • The Collaboration and Exchange Grant can only be received once per Fellowship or Scholarship.

  • Travel must take place between 1 January 2025 and 31 December 2025

  • The Fellow or Scholar can apply to fund their travel costs to participate in the ‘collaboration and exchange’ activities, or for the travel costs for a carer.

  • The Collaboration and Exchange Grant will provide up to $5,000.

  • Funds will be distributed as a one-off payment at the commencement of the grant but must be acquitted against expenditure (and receipts provided).

  • Funds may be used for any legitimate travel related expenses (e.g., airfares to and from destination, accommodation at destination, food at destination and conference registrations).

  • Any funds for which legitimate receipts cannot be provided must be returned to the Heart Foundation.

  • The funds may not be used to offset salary, stipend or leave entitlements, or to cover overheads. Funds may not be used to support project costs.

  • Recipients will be required to provide a final report at the completion of the grant, along with a financial acquittal, including copies of invoices.

  • In addition, recipients will be required to comment on the impact of the Collaboration and Exchange Grant on their work in their final Scholarship/Fellowship progress report. 

What’s the value of the Grant? 

This grant will cover up to $5,000 to support activities for up to six months. 

When can you apply?

Applications open: Monday 6 May 2024

Applications close: Friday 21 June 2024

Successful applicants notified: October 2024

How should you apply?

Applications must be submitted via the Heart Foundation Grants Management Portal.

Download the Collaboration and Exchange Grant Application Question document to prepare your application.

Download the 2024 Research Funding Guidelines for more details. 

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Last updated18 April 2024