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Catalyst Grants

Supporting game-changing ideas to improve heart health

The Heart Foundation is Australia’s largest non-government funder of cardiovascular research. We are committed to advancing knowledge to better prevent, treat and manage conditions including heart disease, stroke and blood vessel disease.

For over 60 years, we have been offering grants that fund research into improving cardiovascular health outcomes across the biomedical, clinical, public health and health services disciplines.

Alongside these invaluable traditional research grants, we are introducing our new Catalyst Grants – a new and innovative way for the Heart Foundation to contribute to the national fight against cardiovascular disease.

Catalyst Grants overcome many of the barriers to traditional research and are open to applicants across all sectors that can outline a project and activity that aims to improve the cardiovascular health of people in Australia.

Catalyst Grant awardees will become long-term partners of the Heart Foundation for whom we will seek funding to 'bring their idea to life'.

What are we looking for?

  • A ‘game-changing’ idea that will transform the way we improve cardiovascular health in Australia
  • Proposals that are novel, innovative, impactful, feasible and have investment potential
  • Identification of key partners and the potential pathway to translation/implementation

What makes these grants different?

  • Finalists will be supported by the Heart Foundation to further develop and test their idea to pitch at a showcase event to potential investors
  • The Heart Foundation will partner with Catalyst Grant recipients to seek long-term investment to bring their idea to life

What topics or questions do the Catalyst Grants have to address?

There are no specific questions that the grant applications must address. However, applications must fall within one of the strategic priority areas of the Heart Foundation as below:

  • Prevention, early detection of cardiovascular disease and management of cardiovascular disease risk
  • Secondary prevention, and treatment and management of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduction of disparities in cardiovascular care and opportunities to maintain heart cardiovascular health

What is the timeframe for the grants?

  • Catalyst Grant applications will involve a three-stage process. Applications for stage one will open in late May 2024 for approximately six weeks. Selected applicants will then be invited to submit a full application from early August, over a further six-week period. From these, short-listed applicants (Catalyst Grant Finalists) will be supported to develop their pitch (October–February) then present their proposal at a Showcase event in early 2025. Catalyst Grant winners will be awarded shortly after.

What do Catalyst Grant Finalists receive?

  • The Heart Foundation will invest resources to work with short-listed applicants to further develop their game-changing idea and make it attractive to potential investors for presentation at the Showcase. This support will include pitch development to refine and market their proposal and may include the opportunity to participate in a networking workshop with a wide range of potential partners.

What is the Showcase?

  • The Heart Foundation will hold a Showcase event in early 2025, where Catalyst Grant finalists will pitch their ideas to a carefully selected panel of stakeholders including potential funders, investors, philanthropy, government, industry and consumers.

What do Catalyst Grant winners receive?

  • The Heart Foundation will work with Catalyst Grant awardees as key partners to seek long-term, high-value investment from a wide range of potential investment partners. Catalyst Grant winners will also receive $100,000 towards the next steps of their project.
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Heart Foundation Consultation

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These Catalyst Grants have the potential to change the way we explore and pursue new ideas to improve cardiovascular health now and into the future.


Catalyst Grant Finalists must be able to commit to the development and refinement of their pitch and engage with an external consultant as required, over the period of mid-October – February, excluding end of year closure/break.

No. Catalyst Grant applications are open to individuals, teams or organisations from any sector. The only requirement is an ABN. 

There is no limit. 

Last updated31 July 2023