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Improving access to accurate echocardiography through artificial intelligence

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Improving access to accurate echocardiography through artificial intelligence

Professor Andrew Maiorana, Curtin University

2021 Vanguard Grant

Years funded: 2022-2024

Ultrasound scans of the heart, known as echocardiograms or 'echos', are an important technique for diagnosing and monitoring common heart conditions such as heart failure and heart valve disease. However echos can be difficult to accurately interpret, especially by non-specialists. Moreover, access to echos is limited outside metropolitan and large regional centres. People residing in rural and remote communities often have to wait for weeks or months for a visiting cardiologist or travel to have an echo. This impacts timely care and contributes to the health disparity experienced by people living rurally/remotely. Recently, small hand held echo devices have become available. These are being used increasingly in GP practices and rural clinics, however the expertise to interpret the scans is often suboptimal. The objective of Professor Andrew Maiorana's project is to develop and evaluate artificial intelligence to accurately diagnose and monitor echos. This is likely to significantly reduce the burden of cardiac disease, especially for people living rurally/remotely.

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