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A female scientist in a lab coat stands beside a microscope, conducting research in a laboratory setting.

Heart Foundation Research Alumni



Heart Foundation Research Alumni

Connecting with researchers across the country.

The Heart Foundation Alumni will collectively make a positive impact on the cardiovascular health of Australians. 

The alumni program will be a conduit connecting researchers, locally and nationally, by creating opportunities to engage with on another both in person and virtually.

As a member of our alumni, you can:

  • Connect with your peers to share knowledge, advice and research outcomes 

  • Enjoy exclusive access to an online portal and resources designed to support your research career 

  • Give back to the research community through mentoring, networking and collaboration 

  • Shape the future of research as an application peer reviewer

  • Stay connected to the work of the Heart Foundation and continue to support our fight against heart disease. 


The Alumni Program has open eligibility to any person who is currently or previously has been funded by the Heart Foundation. This includes not only the Chief Investigator but any other Chief Investigator on the research team. Currently as you are awarded funding, you will be become a member automatically. If you have been funded in the past and are not currently a member then we would love for you to join the program. Joining the Heart Foundation’s Alumni program is easy. Simply complete the sign-up form below and we’ll be in contact with you soon.  If you have any queries about the Alumni Program, please contact our Alumni team at [email protected]  

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Last updated20 February 2024