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The Heart Foundation Research Program



The Heart Foundation Research Program

We play a crucial role in supporting cardiovascular research in Australia, making substantial contributions to drive progress in the field. Learn more about our high impact research.

Since its establishment in 1959, the Heart Foundation has invested more than $720 million* into cardiovascular research.  

Backed by the generous Australian public, we’ve facilitated life-saving breakthroughs in the battle against the nation’s biggest cause of death: heart disease. 

We’ve supported world-class research advances including:

  • the invention of the pacemaker
  • development of new imaging techniques
  • improved management of cholesterol
  • improved treatments for high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney damage and blood vessel disease.

* Disclaimer: Funding amount shown is in today's dollars.

With support from everyday Australians, we’re investing in more than 200 cardiovascular research projects through universities, hospitals and medical research bodies across the nation.

While prevention and support programs are vital to what the Heart Foundation does, research is potentially the greatest asset in reducing deaths from heart disease. Every dollar invested brings us one step closer to an Australia free of heart disease.  

Funding from the Heart Foundation has undoubtedly helped me and my team get where we are today. A Heart Foundation scholarship helped fund research during my PhD studies and contributed to the discovery of a new anti-blood clotting drug.

- Dr Justin Hamilton

We choose high impact cardiovascular research  

The Heart Foundation knows that innovations with the greatest impact on heart health come from the most talented researchers – from brilliant young scientists to experienced clinicians.

That’s why, before being approved for Heart Foundation funding, a research project faces a vigorous, highly competitive selection process.

Guiding our decision is a panel of independent experts who identify the most promising applicants and projects – with one eye on encouraging the next big breakthrough and the other on mentoring the research leaders of tomorrow.

We never lose sight of our unbreakable obligation to our generous donors. We have a responsibility to make the best choices on their behalf, and ensure we invest in projects with the greatest potential to improve heart health.

How your contribution makes a difference  

To continue supporting talented researchers and their work, the Heart Foundation relies on donations from Australians from all walks of life.

Without these donations, our world-class research funding program would not be possible.

Every contribution, whether big or small, counts towards a future free of heart disease.

With your help, our leading approach to funding research will continue to:

  • drive down the number of people claimed by Australia’s largest cause of death
  • improve the quality of life of those with heart disease.

You can make a single donation or regular contributions. Or perhaps you might consider a more lasting contribution via a gift to us in your Will.

By donating to the Heart Foundation, you’ll be saving lives across generations as we work together towards an Australia free of heart disease. 

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Last updated17 January 2024