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Nutrition resources for patients

For health professionals


Nutrition resources for patients

Resources to help people follow a heart healthy eating pattern in their daily lives.

Poor diet is the leading risk factor for heart disease. There is a widespread misunderstanding that most Australians follow a healthy diet, when in reality most of them are not meeting the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

The resources below encourage and make it easy for patients to include the Heart Foundation’s heart healthy eating tips in their daily routine.

Resources for patients

How to eat well for a healthy heart (2020)

This resources is a a visual guide to how to eat well for a healthy heart, including how to put together a healthy plate.


The Heart Foundation has a long history with providing consumers with heart healthy recipes, they are a practical translational tool, ensuring it is easy to put our heart healthy eating pattern into every-day use. Many of our recipes also come with recipe videos, or tips tricks and substitutions to ensure healthy eating is made easy.

Discover recipes here

Recipe booklets

These recipe booklets help patients to plan heart healthy meals. There are separate booklets for the different seasons. They also cover a wide range of ingredients and different types of foods.

Recipe booklets here

For more information on healthy eating patterns, visit our Healthy Eating Patterns page.

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Nutrition position statements

The Heart Foundation’s food and nutrition position statements have been developed to keep you informed about our position on a range of nutrition issues relating to heart health.

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Nutrition Evidence Summaries and Reviews

Our evidence summaries and reviews contain the current knowledge used to develop the Heart Foundation’s position statements and recommendations on food and nutrition.

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Nutrition and heart disease

Information on healthy eating, with a focus on key highlights for people who have heart diseases. This includes people who have had a heart attack, along with heart disease risk factors (high cholesterol, high blood pressure).

Last updated19 March 2024