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Nutrition position statements

For health professionals


Nutrition position statements

The Heart Foundation’s food and nutrition position statements have been developed to keep you informed about our position on a range of nutrition issues relating to heart health.

Our food and nutrition position statements have been developed to keep you informed about our position on a range of topics relating to heart disease and heart healthy living.

They also share our evidence-based view on nutrition related  issues in these areas.

Position statements

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Nutrition Evidence Summaries and Reviews

Our evidence summaries and reviews contain the current knowledge used to develop the Heart Foundation’s position statements and recommendations on food and nutrition.

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Nutrition resources for patients

Resources to help people follow a heart healthy eating pattern in their daily lives.

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Healthy Eating and Nutrition Resources

Small changes make a big difference – these nutrition resources can help you adopt heart healthy eating patterns by showing you how to make small changes that can continue long term. We have developed these resources that translate the latest nutrition evidence for use in your everyday life.

Last updated15 February 2024