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Stay connected with your doctor

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Stay connected with your doctor

It's important that you stay connected with your doctor as needed.

Key takeaways

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  • New arrangements mean you can contact your doctor remotely without having to visit in person. 

How can I ‘visit’ my doctor without being face to face? 

People with heart disease are now able to access Medicare funded GP and other primary health services remotely via videoconference or telephone to avoid unnecessary exposure to COVID-19.

Many GPs and specialists are offering some of their services via ‘telehealth’ which means they are conducting their visits over the phone or via video conferencing applications. 

Call your doctor to ask if they are offering telehealth services.

Do I still need to see my GP for a regular check-up during this pandemic? 

Continue your treatment and medication plan as outlined by your doctor. If you are living with heart disease it is important to keep up your regular GP visits which can now be done remotely. 

Call your GP before coming in to check what services are available. 

Remember that medical emergencies still require urgent care. Get medical help if the symptoms of your heart condition become severe or become worse quickly.

For more information on COVID-19, visit the Department of Health website.  

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Last updated19 March 2024