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Western Australian Cardiovascular Research Alliance (WACRA)



Western Australian Cardiovascular Research Alliance (WACRA)

Established in 2019, WACRA is the voice of Western Australian Cardiovascular Researchers.

Since 2023, the Heart Foundation has been the major sponsor of the Western Australian Cardiovascular Research Alliance (WACRA).

WACRA unites leading heart, stroke and vascular disease researchers from universities and institutes in Western Australia working across the pipeline from fundamental pre-clinical research, epidemiology and public health through to clinical trials.

Mission statement

WACRA is the peak leadership body in Western Australia advancing research into heart, stroke and vascular disease to accelerate translation and improve health outcomes for all Western Australians.

WACRA aims

  • To advocate increased awareness of cardiovascular death and disability to government and the public
  • To advocate for increased peer-reviewed funding in heart, stroke and vascular disease research
  • To promote the development of strong collaborative networks between cardiovascular researchers in Western Australia and beyond
  • To increase the capacity of Western Australian cardiovascular research
  • To accelerate the discovery of more effective, personalised treatments
  • To enhance the translation of research findings and attract investment
  • To bridge the gap for Indigenous and remote Western Australians
  • To improve heart health for all Western Australians

WACRA Board of Directors

  • Professor Livia Hool, PhD, FAHA, FCSANZ, FISHR (Director – Chair)
  • Mr Ayden Glover (Director – Consumer Advocate)
  • Dr Lauren Giudicatti (Director)
  • Associate Professor Joshua Lewis, BSc(Hons), PhD, FASMBR (Director)
  • Dr Janessa Pickering, PhD (Director)
  • Dr Stephen Ball, PhD (Director)
  • Associate Professor Hayley Christian, PhD (Director)
  • Dr Helena Viola, PhD (Director)
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Become a member

WACRA encourages all individual Western Australian researchers to become an official WACRA member.

For more information, including contact details please navigate to the WACRA website.

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Last updated06 March 2024