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Queensland Cardiovascular Research Network (QCVRN)



Queensland Cardiovascular Research Network (QCVRN)

QCVRN provides a framework to strengthen cardiovascular research in Queensland

Launched by the Governor of Queensland in November 2015, the Queensland Cardiovascular Research Network (QCVRN) provides a framework to strengthen cardiovascular research in Queensland, including:

  • fostering multi-disciplinary collaborations
  • attracting new funding for Queensland cardiovascular research
  • building research capacity
  • becoming a combined voice for cardiovascular research in Queensland and ensuring the potential benefits generated from the research are maximized.

The steering committee, with independent co-chairs (Professor John Fraser and Dr. Nathan Palpant) and representation from the Heart Foundation, Queensland Health and multiple research organisations, has been established to provide strategic direction and leadership to the QCVRN.

Queensland Cardiovascular Research Network Steering Committee

  • Prof. John Fraser (Co-chair), University of Queensland and The Prince Charles Hospital
  • Dr. Nathan Palpant (Co-chair), University of Queensland
  • Ms. Sheree Hughes, Heart Foundation
  • A/Prof. John Atherton, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital
  • A/Prof. Jason Peart, Griffith University
  • Prof. Jonathan Golledge, James Cook University
  • Dr. Saman Khalesi, Central Queensland University
  • Dr. Sue Hooper, Queensland Department of Health
  • Dr. Jatin Patel, Queensland University of Technology
  • A/Prof. Chris Askew, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Dr. Mary Boyde, Princess Alexandra Hospital
  • Prof. Wally Thomas, School of Biomedical Science, University of Queensland
  • Prof. James Hudson, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
  • Dr. Ray Mahoney, CSIRO
  • Prof. Michael O’Sullivan, University of Queensland
  • Dr. Meegan Walker - ECR representative, University of Sunshine Coast

Connecting cardiovascular researchers in Queensland

QCVRN wants to help cardiovascular researchers to connect with each other and develop broader awareness of research activities happening across Queensland. This means identifying who is doing what, their skills and expertise, and all research platforms including training and development of researchers.

Contact the CVRN to find out how your institution and your research can be part of this state wide mapping activity.

Becoming a member

Members of the QCVRN share the vision of fostering a visionary, vital and connected cardiovascular research community in Queensland. Membership to the QCVRN is free.

Become part of this group and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Institutional access to multi-disciplinary collaborations (leading to higher quality research outputs) facilitated by QCVRN
  • Access to tools and platforms developed by the QCVRN
  • Being part of a collective voice to support cardiovascular research in Queensland
  • Acknowledgement in all QCVRN activities
  • Recruit and retain higher quality research staff or other related health professionals
  • Advocacy to establish a Queensland cardiovascular research institute
  • In the longer term, access to funding schemes developed by the QCVRN.

We thank our founding member institutions and universities for their early support of the QCVRN:

  • The University of Queensland
  • Griffith University
  • James Cook University
  • Central Queensland University
  • University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Metro North Hospital & Health Service
  • Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service
  • QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

We thank our funding partners: the Heart Foundation, the University of Queensland, the Queensland University of Technology, the Central Queensland University and the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute for their continued support.

For upcoming events, support schemes and information on how to become a member, please visit the QCVRN website.

Register your interest via email.

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Last updated14 March 2024