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Victorian Cardiovascular Research Network (Vic CVRN)



Victorian Cardiovascular Research Network (Vic CVRN)

Engaging, linking and working across the Victorian cardiovascular research sector

The establishment of the Victorian Cardiovascular Research Network (Vic CVRN) was initiated by the Heart Foundation and driven by cardiovascular researchers from Victorian universities, hospitals and institutes. It was officially launched on the 5th of December 2023.

The Victorian CVRN aims to:

  • facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and networking across Victorian institutions,

  • promote cardiovascular research and translation for the benefit of the Victorian population.

The Vic CVRN is supported by the Heart Foundation and the Stroke Foundation.

Victorian Cardiovascular Research Network (VIC CVRN)

How to get involved

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Victorian Cardiovascular Research Network (VIC CVRN)

Interim Vic CVRN Steering Committee

An Interim Vic CVRN Steering Committee was formed following a strategic planning meeting held on 4th September 2023 attended by researchers from across Victoria.

The Interim Victorian CVRN Committee will oversee activities of the network for the first 12 months.  From October 2024, a broader Executive Committee will be established with an elected chair.

The current interim committee includes:
  • Professor Rachel Huxley – Deakin University

  • Professor Fadi Charchar – Federation University

  • A/Professor Nicholas Cox – Western Health

  • Professor Andrea Driscoll – Deakin University

  • Professor Grant Drummond – La Trobe University

  • Dr Mark Duckworth – Deakin University

  • Ms Chris Enright – Heart Foundation

  • A/Professor Tracey Gaspari– Monash University

  • Professor Natasha Lannin – Monash University

  • Dr Rahul Muthalaly – Monash University

  • Professor Brian Oldenburg – Baker Institute

  • Professor Rebecca Ritchie – Monash University

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Last updated19 February 2024