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Our strategy

About us


Our strategy

Heart Foundation Strategic and Operational Plan 2024


The Heart Foundation is developing a 25-year vision; This initiative is known as Vision 2050. Coronary heart disease remains the leading cause of death in Australia — accounting for over 17,000 deaths each year.

If nothing changes, Australia can expect to see 1.37 million individuals experience a cardiovascular disease (CVD) event from 2020 – 2029, resulting in $62 billion in healthcare costs and $79 billion in indirect costs. Failure to prevent the growing burden of CVD and associated chronic conditions threatens both our health system and our length and quality of life.

To respond to this urgent need, the Heart Foundation is focusing on investing in and implementing a long-term, coordinated and collaborative approach to drive research, innovation and translation in CVD in Australia. Launching in 2025, the aim of Vision 2050 is to make the generation who will turn 50 in 2050 the healthiest generation of Australians ever.


Continue striving towards an Australia free of heart disease and prepare to launch Vision 2050 in 2025.

Organisational goals

Our impact

Reduce the burden of CVD in Australia through the delivery of targeted interventions and research to prevent, identify risk, manage and treat CVD.

Ensure healthcare practitioners and consumers are well informed with the latest evidence-based clinical information, education and resources to improve quality of care and understanding of CVD.

Positively impact the heart health of all people in Australia by meeting diverse needs and experiences and actively seek to deliver appropriate heart health programs, education and resources to communities where cardiovascular disparity has been identified.

Our organisation

Maintain public confidence in our work by providing best practice operational support to all our health, research, advocacy and fundraising work.

Ensure that it is self-evident and widely understood that we manage our affairs so that our supporters, government and our key stakeholders have confidence that the greatest possible impact is achieved with the funds entrusted to us.

Our income

Expand our donor community across diverse giving avenues by nurturing our current supporters, inviting new supporters to our cause, fostering strategic partnerships, and launching new innovative initiatives to engage the community.

Our influence

Consolidate our position as the peak body for cardiovascular health in Australia by delivering trusted and credible heart health information, program implementation and research outcomes for government, healthcare practitioners, media and consumers.

Reach more people in Australia by delivering quality and impactful health and donor campaigns.

Strengthen engagement with international heart health organisations and networks through participating in, and driving, global heart health initiatives.

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