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Game-changing new approach to stopping cardiovascular disease before it strikes

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Game-changing new approach to stopping cardiovascular disease before it strikes

Media release: 20 July, 2023

Around 8 million Australians will benefit from a game-changing new approach to stopping cardiovascular disease (CVD) before it strikes.

Health and Aged Care Minister Mark Butler today launched the country’s new Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Guideline and accompanying CVD Risk Calculator – a ‘tool kit’ that sets improved clinical standards for the prevention of cardiovascular disease before it takes hold.

The new Guideline and calculator were developed by the National Heart Foundation of Australia on behalf of the Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (ACDPA), represented in this project by Diabetes Australia, Kidney Health Australia, and the National Stroke Foundation.

Both the Guideline and calculator will equip GPs, nurses and healthcare practitioners with the best tools yet for preventing cardiovascular disease in the 8 million Australians who do not have a CVD diagnosis.

Updated CVD Risk Calculator a powerful new tool

One of the highlights of the new Guideline is the new Australian CVD Risk Calculator, calibrated specifically for the Australian population.

The updated algorithm replaces one that was based on a town in the United States more than 60 years ago.

The new calculator will help clinicians to more accurately predict cardiovascular disease in all people living in Australia.

Other important updates to the Guideline include updated risk categories, improved guidance on how to communicate CVD risk to patients, specific considerations for First Nations peoples who experience heart disease at higher rates than non-Indigenous Australians, and the inclusion of female specific risk factors.

Roll-out to now commence

Today’s reveal now paves the way for the Heart Foundation to begin rolling-out the Guideline to clinicians to ensure Australians have access to the best quality CVD Risk Prevention as soon as possible. A campaign promoting the Guideline to clinicians is now underway.

For more information about the Guideline please visit the dedicated website:

Comments attributable to David Lloyd, CEO, National Heart Foundation

“The new Australian CVD Prevention Guideline is a tool kit for doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to more accurately predict and prevent cardiovascular disease in as many as 8 million Australians.

“Many years from now we will look back on this day and note that the new Guideline was a major turning point in saving many Australians from cardiovascular disease.

“We thank the Australian Government for their support and leadership on preventative heart health, having funded the development of this Guideline and supported the Heart Foundation with its implementation, and having also extended the Medicare Heart Health Checks.”

Comments attributable to Lucy Westerman, Executive Officer, Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance

“The updated CVD Prevention Guideline and Calculator will spark important conversations between Australian health care professionals and patients about improving health and preventing chronic conditions including those closely linked to cardiovascular health, particularly heart and kidney diseases, stroke, and diabetes.

“Many of the actions recommended to reduce CVD risk have wider health benefits; for example, healthier diets, more physical activity, limiting alcohol and not smoking also help to reduce the risk and impact of several cancers, lung disease, and other chronic conditions. With up to 40% of chronic disease burden preventable, helping people to better understand and manage factors contributing to chronic illness is essential for longer and healthier lives.”

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