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Do you have a Heart Story to share?

Heart stories


Do you have a Heart Story to share?

Sharing your story could help another Australian just like you to overcome their heart challenges

If you or someone you care about has heart disease, you already know the devastating impact it can have on individuals, their loved ones and their wider community.

But by sharing your heart story, you can help save lives. You can tell others about the warning signs of a heart attack, the importance of a Heart Health Check, or even what it’s like to live with chronic heart disease.

Gerry’s heart story

Gerry is one of our Heart Storytellers. He was lucky enough to survive a heart attack when he returned from a European dream holiday. Now, he wants everyone to understand the risks of heart disease and the warning signs of a heart attack.

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“Initially, I wanted to tell friends and everyone I knew to have a heart health check. But when I shared my story with the Heart Foundation, I was really able to amplify my voice and help get the message across, in a newspaper story and on the Heart Foundation’s website.

The feedback has been positive - it feels great to be able to help in this way."

Please click on the 'Tell your heart story' button below to leave us your details and sign a general consent that allows us to get in touch with you and learn more.

By sharing the challenges and triumphs that come from recognising your risk and taking action, such as improving your diet or increasing exercise, you also help others to change their lives, for themselves and their families.

Heart Foundation storytellers of all ages share their experience in the media, such as their local paper, on television or radio. These valuable stories can also appear in social media posts, on our website or to support our campaigns. Our staff support you all the way, and we ask your consent for every way in which we use your story.

Your story could help the Heart Foundation’s important work if you have:

  • Had a heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke
  • Made lifestyle changes - a healthier diet, increased exercise or you’ve quit smoking
  • Used our Heart Age Calculator or had a Heart Health Check and found you were at risk
  • A congenital cardiac condition
  • Saved someone’s else’s life by doing CPR or using an AED
  • Experienced the loss of a loved one to heart disease.


Helen is a nurse who used the Heart Foundation’s Heart Age Calculator to discover her risk of cardiovascular disease. She told Channel Nine News how shocked she felt when she found she had a heart age some years older than her actual age. She also talked about what she has done to reduce her risk of heart disease.


After minor routine surgery, Davina was urged to have her heart checked. Despite having no symptoms other than fatigue and a slightly slow heartbeat, she needed a triple bypass, treatment for an aortic aneurism, heart valve replacement and a pacemaker. She spoke on ABC radio about her own experience and urged Australians to continue to look after their hearts during the COVID pandemic.

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