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Downloadable resources

Downloadable resources

Downloadable Heart Foundation information resources for the public

The Heart Foundation has several resources for people that contain information about heart conditions, their treatments, and living a heart-healthy life.

These resources are currently being reviewed to ensure they are up to date, containing the most accurate and relevant information. We are also looking to ensure that they are accessible to the widest possible range of people living in Australia. As a part of this review, we are considering how we can provide this information in the most environmentally sustainable manner. Therefore, during this time, we are not offering pre-printed versions of these documents. Below you will find a list of pdf versions that you can download, and print (if required).

If you have any questions or need assistance with accessing these resources, please contact us.

For clinicians conducting Heart Health Checks, a full list of downloadable content is available here.

If you are looking for information in languages other than English, please visit here.

Cardiovascular conditions and their management/treatments

Healthy living

Recipe e-books

For additional recipes, visit our online recipe hub.

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Last updated04 September 2023