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Professor Garry Jennings - AO

About us


Professor Garry Jennings - AO

Chief Medical Advisor

Professor Garry Jennings has a longstanding involvement with the Heart Foundation as the current Chief Medical Officer and Interim CEO. He also works in a part time research and clinical capacity at the Baker Institute and The Alfred Hospital.  He has a distinguished career as a cardiologist in clinical practice and was previously Director of Cardiology at The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, and Chair of the Division of Medicine. 

Professor Jennings is past President of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institute, the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia, the Asia Pacific Society of Hypertension and Head of a WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Cardiovascular Health.  

His research interests cover the causes, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and have received national and international awards.  He has published several books on heart disease for the public and over 600 research publications cited more than 30,000 times.    

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Last updated13 March 2024