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Dr Peter Thomas

About us


Dr Peter Thomas

National Manager Public & Local Affairs

Peter is passionate about improving health outcomes for all Australians through advocating for positive policy changes and delivering better services to the people who need them.

Peter has worked in policy, research, and government roles throughout his career. For six years Peter was Executive Director of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI) where he helped to secure beneficial policy and funding outcomes from governments and other stakeholders for medical research institutes. Peter has previously worked for the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian National University, the Australian Private Hospitals Association, and for the UK Government. 

Peter grew up in Middlesbrough in the north-east of England. He graduated with a PhD from Newcastle University (UK) and has lived in Australia since 2009. He greatly enjoys bushwalking and exploring the incredible and varied landscapes of this country.  

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Last updated04 July 2022