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Board Committees

About us


Board Committees

Meet the Committees at the heart of the Heart Foundation.

The Heart Foundation Board is a skills-based board of Directors. It has established the following Advisory Committees:

  • Risk, Audit and Governance

  • Heart Health

  • Research Advisory

  • Investment

  • Revenue

The Board Committees have a terms of reference to govern their activities and meet regularly throughout the year to ensure the provision of appropriate advice and recommendations to the Heart Foundation Board. 

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Our Board

The role of the Board is to provide strategic oversight and direction for the Heart Foundation’s activities and ensure that those organisational activities are directed towards achieving its vision of an Australia free of heart disease and its mission to prevent heart disease and improve the heart health and quality of life of all Australians through our work in prevention, support and care and research.

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Leadership Team

The Heart Foundation leadership team brings together experience from commercial, government and charity sectors to lead our fight for all Australian hearts.

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Governance overview

The Heart Foundation is a National Health Promotion Charity with offices in each state and territory. The National Heart Foundation of Australia (Heart Foundation) is a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Last updated15 April 2024