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Key statistics: Heart failure

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Key statistics: Heart failure

Statistics and information on heart failure in Australia

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  • The information on our Key Statistics pages is drawn from a variety of reputable sources including the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).
  • These pages are intended to be a helpful resource for anyone seeking reliable information on cardiovascular disease in Australia, including consumers, researchers, healthcare policy makers, media and health professionals.

Heart failure

Heart failure is a condition where the heart doesn’t pump blood around the body as well as it should. 

Explore the statistics relating to heart failure below.


  • Almost 144,000 people (0.6% of the Australian population) live with heart failure.
  • The number of people who reported living with heart failure increased substantially between 2017-18 and 2022.
  • Almost twice as many men experience heart failure compared to women. 


  • Heart failure accounts for almost 1 in 50 deaths, equating to one person dying of heart failure every 2.5 hours, or 9 people losing their lives each day. 
  • More women die for heart failure overall, but when adjusted for age and population size the rate for males and females is similar.*
  • The number of people losing their life due to heart failure has been slowly decreasing over time.* 


  • Around 170 people are hospitalised due to heart failure every day, equating to 1 person every 9 minutes.
  • Similar numbers of men and women are admitted to hospital for heart failure each year.
  • The overall number of people hospitalised due to heart failure has slowly reduced over the past decade.*

* After adjusting for population size and age distribution. 

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Last updated16 January 2024