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Skipping for Healthy Hearts

Skipping for Healthy Hearts is back for new workshops in 2024!

Looking for a fun and healthy activity for your kids that can improve their physical development and social skills? Look no further than Skipping for Healthy Hearts! Skipping is a great way for your kids to strengthen the heart muscles, improve circulation, and reduce the risk of heart disease, all while having fun with friends. 

Skipping for Healthy Hearts is a FREE six-week skipping program for kids. The program is designed to help kids develop healthy hearts while having fun. We provide all the equipment; you just need to bring your kids!

Join us at one of our three locations

Mount Stromlo Highschool - 3pm-4:15pm (Register here)

Kingsford Smith School - 1pm-2:15pm (Register here)

Throsby School - 11am-12:15pm (Register here)

Please note this program is running from the 2nd March to 6th April. Each workshop runs for 1 hour and 15 minutes each Saturday over a 6-week period.

About the program 

Made just for primary school kids in the ACT and surrounding regions, Skipping for Healthy Hearts is designed to promote heart health and physical fitness in kids. The program teaches kids the fundamentals of skipping and encourages them to make physical activity a regular part of their lives. 

With workshops run by our skilled Skipping Group Trainers (very experienced skippers!), kids will be taught a wide range of skipping techniques that will help develop their coordination, balance, and overall motor skills. From basic jump roping to more advanced techniques, our trainers will work with your kids to improve their skipping abilities while ensuring that they have fun and enjoy the experience. 

As the program progresses, you’ll see your child building skipping skills, confidence and new healthy habits! 

How to sign up 

Registering for Skipping for Healthy Hearts is quick and easy thanks to our simple online registration process. You can complete your registration in just a few minutes. 

To register your kids, simply fill out the online form with a few simple details and select your program date. Make sure you fill out the registration form with your personal details and those of your child. 

As soon as you complete your registration, you'll receive a confirmation email, so you can rest assured that your registration has been received and processed. Your confirmation email will contain all the details you need to know about your child's Skipping for Healthy Hearts program, as well as tips to help get them ready. 

The benefits of skipping 

Three out of four kids aged five to 14 don’t get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day1, putting them at greater risk of heart disease as adults. 

Skipping is not just a fun childhood pastime, it's also a great way to improve heart health. By encouraging your kids to skip, you're helping them to strengthen their heart muscles, improve circulation, and reduce the risk of heart disease later in life.  

Skipping is a fun and exciting activity, making it an ideal way to get your kid’s heart pumping and active. 

Skipping in a group can also be a fun way to bond and make new friends, creating a sense of community and belonging. Participating in group programs like Skipping for Healthy Hearts can boost confidence and self-esteem, helping kids develop a positive self-image and sense of identity. 

  • Skipping helps to improve heart health by strengthening the heart muscles and improving circulation.  

  • Skipping can improve balance, coordination, and overall motor skills, making it a great activity for kids' physical development. 

  • Skipping with others promotes teamwork, communication, and cooperation, which are essential social skills that can help kids build positive relationships with their peers. 

1. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Australia’s children. 2020. Accessed 10 February 2022. 

In this document (Definitions): 

Heart Foundation means the National Heart Foundation of Australia (ABN 98 008 419 761); 

Heart Foundation Associates means all persons or corporations associated or affiliated directly or indirectly with the Heart Foundation;

Skipping for Healthy Hearts and the Program means the Heart Foundation’s program to encourage physical activity in ACT-based children of primary school age, and includes a range of physical activities, including but not limited to skipping;

Terms and Conditions means this document;

Skipping for Healthy Hearts Registration Form means the form to be completed by parents/guardians interested in having their child participate in the Program. 

Terms and Conditions  

I warrant that I have read and understood these Terms and Conditions as well as the information required by the Skipping for Healthy Hearts Registration Form prior to submitting an application for my child’s participation in the Skipping for Healthy Hearts Program (the Program).  

I agree that any dispute arising under or in relation to these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the laws and courts of the Australian Capital Territory.  

I warrant that I am over 18 and of full legal capacity and that I am a person legally entitled to register my child for the Program. 

I accept all risk, responsibility and liability whatsoever and howsoever arising from or in connection with my child’s participation in the Program. 

While participating in the Skipping for Healthy Hearts Program, I agree my child must comply with any directions relating to the Program received from any one or more of: a Heart Foundation representative, a Skipping for Healthy Hearts coach. This includes any safety briefings or directions.  

I understand that the Program’s activities range from quite gentle to very vigorous. I warrant that my child does not suffer from any condition or restricted ability that impacts my child’s ability to safely participate, or that may unnecessarily put my child at undue risk. I warrant that I have disclosed any pre-existing conditions or considerations to the Heart Foundation and the Skipping for Healthy Hearts Coach as part of completing my child’s registration. I understand that if any circumstances change, in respect to by child’s ability to participate safely, that I will immediately (or as soon as reasonably practicable) discuss this with the Heart Foundation and my child’s Skipping for Healthy Hearts Coach.  


Under Australian Consumer Law, several statutory guarantees apply to the supply of certain goods and services. These guarantees mean that the Heart Foundation is required to ensure that the recreational services it supplies to youare rendered with due care and skill; are reasonably fit for any purpose which you, either expressly or by implication, make known to the supplier; and might reasonably be expected to achieve any result you have made known to the supplier.  

By allowing your child to participate in the Program, you will be agreeing that your rights to sue the Heart Foundation and Associates, under the Civil Liability Act in the State or Territory in which you undertake the Program, or any other law, if your child is killed or injured because the services provided were not in accordance with these guarantees, are excluded, restricted or modified in the way set out in this document. 

Risk and Liability  

I accept in my sole responsibility all risks and liabilities that may arise from my child’s participation in the Program, including the risk of injury or loss of life, and I release the Heart Foundation and Heart Foundation Associates from all claims, liability, demands and proceedings arising from or in relation to any loss, damage, expense or personal injury which may be sustained by my child as a result of or in connection with: 

a) any neglect, act, omission or failure on the part of the Heart Foundation or Heart Foundation Associates; or 

b) my child’s participation in the Program. 

I indemnify the Heart Foundation and Heart Foundation Associates (collectively, Those Indemnified) against: 

a) all losses incurred by Those Indemnified; 

b) all liabilities incurred by Those Indemnified; and 

c) all costs actually payable by Those Indemnified to their legal representatives (whether or not under a costs agreement) and other expenses incurred by Those Indemnified in connection with a demand, action, arbitration or other proceeding (including mediation, compromise, out of court settlement or appeal), arising as a result of or in connection with my child’s participation in the Program. 

I warrant that I have provided true and correct information to the Heart Foundation and that I will promptly notify the Heart Foundation of any changes to provided information. 

I consent to the publication in any form of media of my child’s first name and their participation in the Program. 

I acknowledge that the Heart Foundation reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude or reject my child from participating in the Program at any time and without notice or explanation to me. 

I acknowledge that the Heart Foundation will post the current version of this document at  and that I will be notified of changes in advance by written notice on the Heart Foundation website. 

 If I do not consent to be bound by this document and the terms and conditions within, as varied from time to time, I must immediately withdraw my child from the Program.  


  • Registration is to be completed prior to attending any Skipping for Healthy Hearts workshops or activities. All bookings are made via our online Skipping for Healthy Hearts Registration Form.  

  • COVID19 - If a direction given by the Department of Health means our program cannot proceed, notice will be provided to participants via email. 

Workshop Rescheduling and Cancellation 

  • Skipping for Healthy Hearts reserves the right to reschedule and/or cancel workshops. Should this be required, participants will be notified as soon as possible via email.  

Medical Clearance and Consent  

  • I consent to my child participating in the Skipping for Healthy Hearts Program and understand the risks involved. 

  • I acknowledge that the Heart Foundation uses its best endeavours to ensure that the equipment and sporting facilities used in the Program are safe and fit for purpose and acknowledge that all sports are inherently dangerous. I understand and accept the inherent associated risks. 

  • In the event of an accident or illness, I authorise any medical assistance/hospital treatment that my child may require. I accept full responsibility for all expenses incurred in the administration of medical treatment.  

  • I confirm that my child will not attend any workshops if suffering from infectious or communicable disease as identified by the Department of Health. 

Safety Rules and Regulations  

  • I understand that it is expected that my child’s behavior will be satisfactory at all times in order for the safe conduct of the workshops. 

  • If at any time the supervisor/coach considers my child is jeopardizing the safety of others and/or disrupting the workshop, including but not limited to, by not following general and safety instructions, then my child will be asked to stop participating until further notice. The Heart Foundation will contact me in the event my child is excluded from participation.  

 Punctuality, Attendance and Participation  

  • All Skipping for Healthy Hearts workshops have been designed to ensure the safety of all participants. It is my responsibility to ensure my child arrives in time for the commencement of the workshop. Each workshop begins with a warm-up, which is considered a vital component prior to physical exercise.  

  • I understand that I am responsible for arranging transport of my child to and from the workshop and providing supervision before the commencement of the workshops, for the total duration of the 1 hour workshops, and at their conclusion. The start and end times of each workshop will be displayed at the venue.

  • I understand that a parent/guardian or nominated person on the registration form must sign my child in and out of each Skipping for Healthy Hearts workshop. If this person changes, I will contact the Program Coordinator [email protected] to provide updated details. 


  • The Heart Foundation encourages parents and children not to bring any nuts or nut-based products to the workshops. In the interests of all involved in this event, please ensure that products containing nuts are not brought onto the premises of the workshops.  

Lost Property  

  • Participants will be responsible for their own belongings. We encourage children not to bring any valuables with them (iPads, toys etc.)  

  • The Heart Foundation will not be held responsible for the loss of any property including electronic devices.  

Skipping for Healthy Hearts Code of Conduct  

The Heart Foundation’s Responsibilities:  

  • Develop child-friendly programs that appropriately cater for the needs of the children involved.  

  • Provide safe equipment for participants to use that is regularly checked.  

  • Ensure that all relevant employees and volunteers hold a Working with Vulnerable People registration in accordance with the ACT Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011, and a current Police Record Check. 

  • Provide an environment that is free from bullying and harassment and if bullying and/or harassment is recognized, all efforts will be made to appropriately manage the situation.  

  • If necessary, first aid will be applied to any participant that requires it.  

Parent/Caregiver Responsibilities:  

  • Ensure that all children participate in a way that enables the enjoyment of all involved.  

Feedback / Contact Us  

All employees and participants have the right to feel safe and enjoy themselves during all Skipping for Healthy Hearts workshops. 

The use of enjoyable games and activities to promote physical activity and overall wellbeing is of paramount importance to us. 

We are confident that you will enjoy your experience with us. 

If for any reason you do not, please contact us to discuss the matter so we can endeavour to improve our service to you! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Skipping for Healthy Hearts Program Coordinator at

The Heart Foundation may take photographs or videos to produce images, video and/or audio for use in various mediums to promote the Heart Foundation and Skipping for a Healthy Heart.

On the first day of the workshop, the Use of Personal Information Consent Form – Child will be available for parents/carers/guardians to sign should you consent to your child being photographed or recorded by the Heart Foundation. 

Delivered in partnership with the ACT Government and Skipping Australia.

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Last updated26 March 2024