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Managing your funding



Research funding


Managing your funding

Resources to help manage your grant, scholarship or fellowship.

Once you’ve received your research grant from the Heart Foundation, you’ll need to ensure certain requirements are met.   All processes, resources and expectations around accepting and managing grants at the Heart Foundation can be found below.

Annual compliance reporting 

It’s a requirement of Heart Foundation funding for researchers to submit annual compliance reports. See what these reports include below. 

Financial acquittals  

This is for all currently funded researchers showing expenditure of the calendar year and a request for any carry-over funding into the next year.   Download a financial acquittal form below:

  • 2023 Financial acquittal form

Progress reports  

This is for all currently funded researchers to detail the progress made in their research project for the calendar year. These reports collect important data that’s used by The Heart Foundation to report on the impact our funding dollars make to cardiovascular research in Australia.   

If you have a progress report due for the 2023 reporting period, your progress report will be emailed to you directly.

If you have any questions relating to your progress reports, email the Research team for assistance: [email protected].

Collaboration and Exchange Grant progress/expenditure acquittal  

This is to be submitted within 30 days of completing the Grant.  

Download a Collaboration and Exchange Grant progress/expenditure acquittal form now. 

All compliance reports can be submitted from 1 January and must be received by us no later than 31 March. These reports must be submitted by your Administering Institute’s research office. 

Note: For some grants, due dates and reporting may vary. Please check the Funding Agreement for details.  

Requesting changes to existing grants

Requests for changes to existing grants may take up to three months to be approved, depending on the complexity of the request. 

Leave of absence and extension requests 

Extension requests must be made three months prior to the grant end date and will not be considered if there are outstanding milestones against the grant. Requests made after the end date will not be considered. 

Scholarship extensions can be granted for a maximum of six months and may cover both time and stipend. Fellowships and grants may be extended one time only.  Requests to take leave of absence (e.g. parental leave, carer’s leave, health leave), must be made four weeks prior to the first day of the proposed leave and must be made while the grant is still tenable.   Download the leave of absence and extension request form now. 

Changing Administering Institutions 

Transferring a grant between institutions must be approved by the Heart Foundation and a number of conditions need to be met. For example, the new Administering Institution must be able to provide the facilities and services necessary to carry out the grant activities.

The grant recipient must have agreement from both institutions involved and a new Funding Agreement must be signed by the new institution.   Download the changing administering institution form now. 

Change of Full Time Equivalency (FTE) 

Change in FTE applies to scholarships and fellowships only. The minimum FTE is dependent on the grant and is stipulated in grant instructions. If there’s a change in budget, please see Budget and Project Variations below.  Download the change of Full Time Equivalency (FTE) form now. 

Budget and project variations 

If you think you may need to request a variation to your agreed budget or project, please contact our Research Team for an initial discussion as soon as possible. 

Publicity and promotion 

Public awareness is crucial to our role in funding research. The Heart Foundation’s ability to fund research is dependent on raising money through public donation.  

Let us know in advance if there’s going to be any publicity surrounding your research, including the publication of research articles or presenting at conferences. The Heart Foundation is always looking to assist researchers in promotion of this publicity via media and social media platforms.  

Acknowledging Heart Foundation support 

The support of the Heart Foundation must be acknowledged in any publications or presentations arising from research we have supported.  

Examples of appropriate wording for acknowledgements include:  

  • ‘[Title] [Surname] was supported by a [Grant Name] [Grant ID number] from the National Heart Foundation of Australia.’ 

  • ‘This work was supported by a [Grant Name] [Grant ID number] from the National Heart Foundation of Australia.’ 

The Heart Foundation logo must not be used without prior written consent from the Research Program team.  

Where applicable, co-funding partners must also be acknowledged. Please check your funding agreement for details. 

For more information about managing your funds, contact the Research Team:  

For more information about applying, read the full instructions for each funding program.

Last updated15 March 2024