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Future Leader Fellowship



Research funding


Future Leader Fellowship

Supporting the best and brightest in cardiovascular research.

The fellowship supports aspiring leaders who are developing independence and developing their own research portfolio, through to established leaders of cardiovascular research groups with extensive research portfolios.

For applicants to be considered for funding, they must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • The applicant will be considered the Chief Investigator A (CIA) on this project.

  • CIA must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, an Australian permanent resident or have applied for Australian permanent residency at the time of the application

  • CIA must be involved in Cardiovascular Research (including stroke research)

  • CIA must be from an NHMRC Administering Institution

  • CIA must also be based in Australia for at least 80% of the funding period

  • Applicants are expected to have spent at least two years actively contributing to cardiovascular research.

  • Applicants may choose to apply to one of three levels:

    • Level 1 applicants to be a minimum three years and less than seven years post PhD (relative to opportunity)
    • Level 2 applicants to be a minimum seven years and less than ten years post PhD (relative to opportunity)
    • Level 3 applicants to be a minimum ten years and less than fifteen years post PhD (relative to opportunity)

  • Applicants should refer to the Indicative Criteria for the expectation of performance at each of the levels.

  • Applicants may apply to progress through the Future Leader levels; however, they cannot receive the same level twice.

  • Applicants may apply at a level higher than they are eligible for based on the number of years since their PhD confirmation, however, applications will only be considered in the requested category.

  • Applicants may apply in a level lower than they are eligible for if they can demonstrate that their ‘effective’ number of years since the date that their PhD thesis was passed falls within the eligibility range, once Career Disruption (detailed in question ‘Relative to Opportunity’) is considered. For information on career disruptions please review the Research Funding Guidelines.

  • Applicants may apply to undertake the Fellowship between 0.6 FTE to 1.0 FTE

  • Applicants may only apply within one Heart Foundation Fellowship category or type (including the Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships) in any year. Should an applicant apply within multiple Fellowship categories or types, all applications from that candidate will be removed from further consideration.

  • An applicant may not concurrently hold more than one Fellowship. For information on holding multiple fellowships please refer to the Research Funding Guidelines.

What’s the value of the Fellowship?  


Level 1 

Level 2 

Level 3 

Project support 

$40,000 p.a. 

$50,000 p.a. 

$50,000 p.a. 

Salary support – Year 1 




Salary support – Year 2 




Salary support – Year 3 




Salary support – Year 4 




When can you apply?

Applications open: Monday 22 April 2024

Applications close: Friday 7 June 2024

Successful applicants notified: October 2024

How should you apply?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The launch of the new Grants Management Portal has been postponed until 22 April 2024. You can begin preparing for your application by using the Future Leader Fellowship Application Question document and referring to the 2024 Research Funding Guidelines below.

Download the  Research Program Funding Guidelines for more details.

Download the Future Leader Fellowship Application Question document to prepare your application.

Download the Research Plan template, you will be required to upload this to your application in the Grants Management Portal.

Last updated09 April 2024