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A young First Nations mother holds her new born baby and looks at them lovingly

First Nations CVD Grant



Research funding


First Nations CVD Grant

This funding opportunity is expected to produce tangible outcomes with the potential to create high-impact change to the cardiovascular health of First Nations peoples.

Embedded within this funding opportunity is the provision for an introductory research role for a First Nations person. The role should be embedded within the project, with mentoring and guidance provided by the project’s Chief Investigator, with the purpose of encouraging and maintaining our First Nations researchers.

For applicants to be considered for funding, they must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant will be considered the Chief Investigator A (CIA) on this project

  • CIA must be from an NHMRC Administering Institution

  • CIA must be based in Australia for at least 80% of the funding period

  • It is highly recommended that the CIA is a First Nations Person or, if not, demonstrate how they are working closely with First Nations people for project co-design

  • The introductory research role must be designed for a First Nations Person and could be offered as, but is not limited to:

    • PhD scholarship

    • Master's Degree by Research,

    • Research Nurse or

    • Research assistant or trainee

  • CIA is not eligible for introductory research role

What’s the value of the Grant? 

Funding is provided for a period of three years with Capacity Building Stipend at 1.0 FTE (minimum of 0.5 FTE pro-rata):

Project support

$80,000 p.a.

Capacity Building Stipend – Year 1


Capacity Building Stipend – Year 2


Capacity Building Stipend – Year 3



When can you apply?

Applications open: Monday 13th May 2024

Applications close: Friday 12 July 2024

Successful applicants notified: October 2024

How should you apply?

Applications must be submitted via the Heart Foundation’s Grants Management Portal.

Download the First Nations CVD Grant Application Question document to prepare your application.

Download the 2024 Research Funding Guidelines for more details.

Download the Research Plan template, you will be required to upload this to your application in the Grants Management Portal.

Last updated18 April 2024