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Research Grant Recipients 2019



Research Grant Recipients 2019

Recipients awarded in 2019, commencing research projects in 2020.

Full listing of the Heart Foundation Grant Recipients awarded in 2019, commencing research projects in 2020.

For any enquiries, please contact the Research Program team at [email protected]

Research Grants Listing

Institution  First Name Last Name Funded Amount Scientific Title Duration (Years) State
University of Melbourne Yee-Ming Cheung $85,620 The cardiometabolic effects of endocrine therapy in postmenopausal women with oestrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer: a prospective cohort study 3.0 VIC
Monash University Hashrul Rashid $40,000 Hypoattenuated Leaflet Thickening and Leaflet Thrombosis following Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement 2.3 VIC
Flinders University Angela Xun Nan Chen $40,000 Understanding the adverse cardio-metabolic effects of glucocorticoids – the clinical and biological determinants.  1.1 SA
Murdoch Children's Research Institute Gregory King $110,995 Atrioventricular Valve Function During Single Ventricle Palliation 5.4 VIC
University of Sydney Laura Yeates $40,000 Caring for families affected by sudden cardiac death of a young relative (<35 years) due to genetic heart disease 2.0 NSW
University of New South Wales Sam Emmanuel $89,120 The importance of pulsatility in modern mechanical circulatory support devices 2.2 NSW
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Jonathan Sen $40,000 Identification and Management of Age-related Myocardial Phenotypes in Aortic Stenosis and Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction 2.0 VIC
University of Melbourne Chee Loong Chow $40,000 HISPACE: A Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing His-Bundle Pacing with Conventional Dual Chamber Pacemakers  2.0 VIC

Institution First Name Last Name  Funded Amount Scientific Title Duartion (Years) State
The University of Newcastle Michelle Bovill $92,450 Non-pharamachological approaches to smoking cessation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women 2.0 NSW
Metro South Hospital and Health Service, Princess Alexandra Hospital Sonya Egert $69,000 Better Cardiac Care – hearing from the families of Indigenous cardiac patients experiencing a more culturally appropriate model of in-patient care  1.0 QLD
The University of Queensland Andrew Goodman $80,700 Using mobile-health for prevention and management of hypertension for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities 2.0 QLD

Institution First name Last name Funded Amount Scientific Title Duration (Years) State
Australian National University Ellie Paige $5,000 Collaborative research and training in CVD risk score recalibration at the University of Cambridge 1.0 ACT
University of Western Australia Hayley Christian $5,000 Policy and practice strategies to improve young children’s physical activity and CV health 1.0 WA
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Xiaowei Wang $5,000 European Molecular Imaging Meeting & mastering 19F MRI 1.0 VIC
Monash University Carol Hodgson $5,000 An international program of research to improve outcomes for patients with acute heart failure 1.0 VIC
Deakin University Lewan Parker $5,000 Establishing new collaborations and techniques in Amsterdam for vascular function research 1.0 VIC
Monash University Connie Wong $5,000 Exchange at University of Bonn and attend joint ESO-WSO conference 1.0 VIC

Institution First Name Last Name Funded Amount Scientific Title Duration (Years) State
University of Sydney Lining Ju $555,120 Targeting Piezo-Integrin mechanosensing axis as an innovative, safe and effective strategy in order to reduce platelet prothrombotic phenotype in diabetes 4.0 NSW
Monash University Dennis Thiam Leong Wong $385,072 Pericoronary fat attenuation index (FAI): Novel imaging biomarker to assess vascular inflammation, risk stratify patients and guide medical therapy 4.0 VIC
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Erin Howden $535,120 Can exercise prevent cardiovascular dysfunction in patients treated for cancers and if so by what mechanism?  4.0 VIC
University of Western Australia Esther Ooi $659,980 Advancing translational epidemiology of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases: closing the gap on residual risk 4.0 WA
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Kate Weeks $460,096 Protein phosphatases: emerging drug targets for heart failure 4.0 VIC
University of Western Australia Hayley Christian $659,971 Stepping in so kids step out: Policy and practice strategies to improve young children’s physical activity to reduce obesity and optimise cardiovascular health 4.0 WA
University of Tasmania Martin Schultz $535,120 Power to the treadmill: clinical exercise physiology to improve the detection and management of high blood pressure 4.0 TAS
Monash University Paul Lacaze $659,980 Genetic protection against cardiovascular disease in the healthy elderly 4.0 VIC
Deakin University Adrian Cameron $659,306 An evidence base to support healthy supermarket interventions by retailers, policy makers and the public health community 5.0 VIC
University of Sydney Sarah Zaman $535,120 Atherosclerotic Heart Disease in Women – Sex-Specific Prevention, Recognition and Management 4.0 VIC
Griffith University Hang Ta $679,980 Smart nanomedicine with diagnostic sensor and stimuli-responsive treatment mechanisms for cardiovascular diseases 4.0 QLD
Monash University Chengxue Qin $652,000 Therapeutic Targeting of Formyl Peptide Receptors to Treat Cardiovascular Disease 4.0 VIC
Edith Cowan University Joshua Lewis $659,980 Developing & evaluating a novel tool for primary prevention of clinical cardiovascular disease. 4.0 WA
University of Technology Sydney Sally Inglis $659,980 Evaluating inequities in access to specialised care and services for people with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in rural and remote Australia and trialling a telehealth self-care-management program for underserved PAD patients  4.0 NSW

Institution Fulle Name Last Name Funded Amount Scientific Title Duration (Years) State
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Rachel Climie $173,850 Novel vascular ageing biomarkers for prediction of cardiometabolic disease and related mortality in high-risk populations. 2.0 VIC
Monash University Abdul Waheed Khan $153,850 Understanding the gene environment interaction in diabetes associated atherosclerosis 2.3 VIC
Edith Cowan University Lauren Blekkenhorst $60,000 Stronger evidence for the cardiovascular health benefits of specific vegetables and their bioactive compounds  2.0 WA
Monash University Sam Liao $153,850 Development of a rapid suture-less surgical implantation technique of ventricular assist devices to reduce postoperative bleeding and thrombosis 2.0 VIC
The University of Newcastle Alice Grady $153,850 Improving the health of pre-schoolers: Identifying and assessing the effectiveness of simple childcare-based obesity prevention interventions delivered at scale. 2.0 NSW
Deakin University Laura Alston $120,960 Reducing cardiovascular disease (CVD) burden in rural Australia for future generations: Targeting action from health services in driving prevention initiatives to improve diet and reduce CVDs for future generations. 2.3 VIC
University of Adelaide Mohammadhossein Hassanshahi $153,850 Defining the roles of adventitial haemangioblasts in stable and unstable atherosclerosis. 2.0 SA
Central Queensland University Saman Khalesi Taharoom $153,850 Reducing salt intake to improve hypertension using highly personalised web-based advice 2.0 QLD
Deakin University Jonathan Rawstorn $153,850 Broadening access to supervised exercise training for people with heart failure via innovative digital health technologies 2.0 VIC
University of Technology Sydney Qian Su $60,000 Imaging Profiling Platform for Thrombotic Disease and Anti-Platelet Therapeutics - new translational methodologies for characterising, identifying and monitoring thrombotic disease 2.0 NSW
University of New South Wales Xiaoyue Xu $153,850 Atrial Fibrillation in older women: exploring how diet and nutrition can improve outcomes 2.0 NSW
Central Queensland University Stephanie Alley $153,850 Increasing physical activity in older adults using a personally-tailored web-based physical activity intervention with social support 2.0 QLD
University of Tasmania Jing Tian $153,850 Understanding the determinants and cardiometabolic consequences of divergent adiposity trajectories from childhood to midlife: the International Childhood Cardiovascular Cohort (i3C) Consortium 2.0 TAS
Melbourne Health Geoffrey Wong $153,850 Genetic Susceptibility to Tachycardia-Mediated Cardiomyopathy Due To Atrial Arrhythmias (GENE-TCM Study) 2.0 VIC
University of Western Australia Revathy Carnagarin $153,850 Unravelling the role of the immune system in human hypertension 2.0 WA
University of New South Wales Cheryl Carcel $173,850 Providing explanations for the sex differences in cardiovascular mortality in Australia and evaluating the economic impact of strategies to reduce these inequities 2.0 NSW

Institute First Name Last Name Funded Amount Scientific Title Duration (Years) State
The University of Newcastle Rebecca Wyse $150,000 Harnessing digital innovation in High School Canteens to reduce cardiovascular dietary risk factors in adolescence: A pilot cluster randomised controlled trial. 2.0 NSW
University of New South Wales Kerry-Anne Rye $150,000 A Novel Approach for Preventing Cardiovascular Complications in Patients with Diabetes 2.0 NSW
University of New South Wales Shane Thomas $150,000 Heparanase as a novel therapeutic target for treating atherosclerosis 2.0 NSW
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Quan Huynh $150,000 Risk-guided Intervention to Reduce Heart Failure Readmission – the Risk-HF trial 2.0 VIC
Monash University Chengxue Qin $149,922 Formyl Peptide Receptor Agonist as Novel Therapy for Hypertension  2.0 VIC
The University of Queensland Peter Molenaar $150,000 Development and testing of new medicines in a human model of ventricular arrhythmias to keep heart failure patients alive  2.0 QLD
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Julie McMullen $150,000 A new drug delivery platform called Nano-Ghosts loaded with phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)-based drugs for the failing heart 2.0 VIC
Monash University Francine Marques $149,960 The role of gut pH in blood pressure regulation through G-coupled protein receptors  2.0 VIC
University of Sydney Clara Chow $150,000 Mass screening for AF among people aged 75 or older using handheld devices in a model integrated with cardiovascular services: A pilot study for feasibility and preliminary efficacy 2.0 NSW
University of Sydney Belinda Di Bartolo $75,000 What is the therapeutic efficacy of the novel P2X7R antagonist, SMW139, in attenuating diabetes associated -atherosclerosis and diabetic cardiomyopathy? 1.0 NSW
St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research Duncan Campbell $150,000 Improving prevention of cardiovascular disease 2.0 VIC
Monash University Dion Stub $150,000 Lignocaine versus Opioids as analgesia In suspected STEMI (LIVE OASIS TRIAL) 2.0 VIC
University of Adelaide Phillip Tully $150,000 Collaborative depression care for coronary heart disease patients: a stepped-wedge RCT 2.0 SA
University of Adelaide Peter Psaltis $145,000 Defining the fate and roles of adventitial haemangioblasts in stable and unstable atherosclerosis. 2.0 SA
Flinders University Robyn Clark $149,542 Consumer co-creation and feasibility testing, of  standardised ACS discharge and medication education, using Avatar technology, for patients and families with English as a second language and/or low health literacy, to prevent 30-day  readmission. 2.0 SA
Curtin University Eleanor Quested $149,646 Can the Aussie-FIT healthy lifestyle intervention attract inactive men with cardiovascular disease and improve their health? A pilot and feasibility study in the context of Australian football 2.0 WA
University of Sydney Anna Waterhouse $150,000 Reducing thrombosis and bleeding in Ventricular Assist Devices 2.0 NSW
Monash University Janet Bray $150,000 Identifying strategies to improve survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Australia and New Zealand 2.0 VIC
Monash University Graeme Polglase $141,600 Improving cardiopulmonary resuscitation of neonates in the delivery room. 2.0 VIC
University of Sydney Eddy Kizana $150,000 Preclinical Assessment of Gene Therapy for Creation of a Biological Pacemaker 2.0 NSW
University of Sydney James Chong $71,906 Modulating cardiac scar formation and physical properties to treat heart failure: investigation of Tropoelastin as a novel therapeutic  2.0 NSW
University of Sydney Saurabh Kumar $160,000 Accuracy and Utility of Smartphone-based ECG Monitors for Diagnosis of Cardiac Arrhythmias 2.0 NSW
University of New South Wales Susann Beier $149,632 Optimization of Two Stent Bifurcation Techniques in Coronary Arteries  2.0 NSW
University of Sydney Raymond Sy $150,000 Non-invasive Markers to Assess QUInidine EffecT in Brugada Syndrome Study (The QUIET BrS Study) 2.0 NSW
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Foundation John Atherton $136,631 Feasibility and Diagnostic Accuracy of Novel Echocardiographic Approaches to allow Screening and Monitoring for Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction by Novice Healthcare Staff  2.0 QLD

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