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Professor Robyn Clark

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Professor Robyn Clark

Standardised ACS discharge and medication education using Avatars to prevent 30-day readmission

Professor Robyn Clark, Flinders University

2019 Vanguard Grant

Years funded: 2020-2022

Australian data report that up to one in five acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients are readmitted within 30 days. It is estimated that between 2017-18, ACS events cost Australia $1.930 million.


Improved symptom and response knowledge, improved medication adherence, improved health service attendance, and avoidance of 30-day hospital readmissions.


  • Co-create with consumers and feasibility test, a standardised discharge and medication education using Avatar technology, for patients and families with English as a second language or low health literacy.
  • Computer program the Avatar to speak the six most frequently spoken languages in Australia; Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Italian and Greek.
  • Feasibility test the impact of this discharge strategy on knowledge and 30-day readmission.

Last updated12 July 2021