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Dr Saman Khalesi Taharoom

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Dr Saman Khalesi Taharoom

Reducing salt intake using personalised web-based advice to lower blood pressure

Dr Saman Khalesi Taharoom, Central Queensland University

2019 Postdoctoral Fellowship

Years funded: 2020-2022

One in three Australian adults has high blood pressure, which is a significant risk factor of CVD. Australians consume too much salt, and this is an important cause of increased blood pressure. Part of the problem is the very high amount of salt that is ‘hidden’ in discretionary and processed foods. As salt reduction has shown to be effective in reducing blood pressure, a web-based intervention that is tailored based on individual needs and provides personally relevant content and advice to reduce salt intake can be a low cost, easily accessible and innovative approach to help with blood pressure reduction and management in large numbers of people. Therefore, this study aims to: Identify the current dietary and salt intake behaviours and barriers to salt reduction in Australian adults with increased blood pressure.

Develop a computer-tailored intervention to provide personalised advice to reduce salt intake in Australian adults with increased blood pressure. Examine the effectiveness of the intervention to lower salt intake in Australian adults with increased blood pressure in a randomised controlled trial. Expected outcomes: This study will provide evidence on the efficacy of a new web-based salt reduction intervention in Australian adults with increased blood pressure. It will help to improve knowledge on salt intake and the barriers to salt reduction at a population level and contribute to salt intake reduction. It will also provide a model for widespread adoption of hypertension prevention and management which will be freely accessible by the general public in Australia.

Last updated12 July 2021