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Professor Natasha Lannin

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Professor Natasha Lannin

Improving stroke outcomes through evidence based rehabilitation

Professor Natasha Lannin, Monash University

2022 Future Leader Fellowship - Level 3

Years funded: 2023-2026

While cardiovascular research has made great gains in stroke survival, around 1 in 45 survivors live with a disability that prevents them from returning to independent living. Very few trials guide decision-making about what rehabilitation interventions work, with whom and when they should be provided. This research program aims to reduce long-term disability arising from stroke by conducting a series of related studies to test the effectiveness of common rehabilitation interventions, develop a clinical decision-making aid; and determine the most effective methods to translate guidelines into stroke rehabilitation. By addressing gaps in both evidence and translation, this research will improve health outcomes for adults after stroke, increase our understanding of how to translate clinical practice guidelines into cardiovascular rehabilitation services, and ultimately, reduce the burden of disability.

Last updated17 January 2023