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Professor Carl Schultz

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Professor Carl Schultz

Preventing aortic stenosis with vitamin-k supplements

Professor Carl Schultz, University of Western Australia

2021 Vanguard Grant

Years funded: 2022-2024

The build-up of calcium on the aortic valve, which is located at the outflow of the heart, progressively blocks the blood flow to the organs and can cause debilitating symptoms and very poor survival. Timely replacement of the valve can be lifesaving but comes with significant risks and at high cost. The incidence is increasing in Australia. Until now there have been no treatments that can prevent the progressive obstruction of the aortic valve. Our pilot study showed that supplementation of Vitamin-K, 10mg per day is safe and can prevent all early types of calcification in the arteries. Professor Schultz's research team will test, in a randomised controlled trial, if Vitamin-K can slow or prevent the calcium build-up and obstruction of the aortic valve. If proven this will be the first successful preventative treatment and it is also inexpensive and safe. The research team would then seek further funding (National & International, Industry) to test if Vitamin-K can reduce the need for valve replacement and prolong life in a large international trial through our established networks.

Last updated17 January 2023