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Dr Lining Ju

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Dr Lining Ju

Novel ‘Mechano-medicine’ combats deadly platelet clotting in diabetes

Dr Lining Ju, University of Sydney

2019 Future Leader Fellowship

Years funded: 2020-2024

Diabetes has become one of the major healthcare challenges of the 21st century and a leading cause of clotting diseases such as heart attack and stroke worldwide in which blood flows are obstructed. Unfortunately, the existing anti-clotting drugs discovered and developed from intense investigation over the last 40 years are suboptimal, with less than 1 in 6 patients with diabetes taking these therapies avoiding a fatal thrombotic event.

This proposed research is focused on addressing this pressing need for the identification and development of more effective approaches. It will elucidate a novel biomechanical mechanism that associates with mechanical force generated by dynamic blood flow and leads to enhanced blood clotting in diabetes. The outcome may likely explain the reduced efficacy of current anti-clotting drugs (i.e. Aspirin, Plavix or Brilinta) in individuals with diabetes, which does not take the 'force effect' into account. Moreover, it will provide an innovative therapeutic strategy to reduce the sticky blood clots of diabetes.

In Australia, much of the problem begins in childhood. Once considered a disease of middle and older-aged adults, we are now seeing diabetes far more commonly in children and young adults, leading to health complications at a far earlier age. This study may provide a solution not only to help adults but also prevent our children dying younger than us.

Last updated12 July 2021