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Associate Professor Sarah Zaman, 2023 Future Leader Fellowship

Improving care of heart disease in women

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Improving care of heart disease in women

Associate Professor Sarah Zaman, University of Sydney

2023 Future Leader Fellowship - Level 2

Years funded: 2024 - 2028

My research is designed to improve cardiovascular health for women. The reason for the focus on women is that there are currently global gaps in care, such as lower use of preventive medications and time delays in heart attack diagnosis. The reason for this gender gap is partly bias, but biological differences play a key role: such as female specific risk factors for heart disease (e.g. early onset menopause, pregnancy related high blood pressure) and heart attacks that predominantly affect women (such as spontaneous coronary dissection). My work will investigate if a CT scan of the heart can improve prevention of heart disease in women with female specific risk factors. I will provide world-first information on the types of blood thinners that should be used to treat spontaneous coronary dissection (affecting a ~90% female population). The findings will be used to improve healthy lifespan for women through prevention of heart attacks, stroke and death.

Last updated12 March 2024