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Improving cardiovascular outcomes in patients who receive cardio-toxic cancer therapies

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Improving cardiovascular outcomes in patients who receive cardio-toxic cancer therapies

Associate Professor Rachel Conyers, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

2020 Cardio Oncology Strategic Grant

Years funded: 2021-2024

Our project aims to improve the cardiovascular outcomes of Australian cancer survivors through a National Network of multidisciplinary cardio-oncology services, focussed on clinical research and patient-centred, personalised comprehensive care. This builds on the pioneering research work of the Australian Cardio-Oncology Registry and Biobank (ACOR), founded by A/Prof Conyers. This nationwide registry, including 12 tertiary institutes, is the first and best of its kind in Australia and with governance and infrastructure in place, is uniquely placed to extend its reach and improve cardiovascular health of cancer survivors, immediately.

These services will deliver centralised hubs of expertise, with protocolised risk assessment, guideline directed cardiac surveillance and enrolment within a suite of novel research studies to improve cardio-oncology outcomes, nationally.

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Last updated12 July 2021