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Professor Peter Meikle

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Professor Peter Meikle

Early identification and treatment of heart disease to prevent heart attacks

Professor Peter Meikle, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

2020 Predictive Modelling Strategic Grant

Years funded: 2021-2024

One Australian suffers a heart attack every 10 minutes, many without prior warning. The key role of cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and smoking in driving heart disease is well recognised and has been the target of primary prevention strategies for over 50 years. However, current risk stratification struggles to deal with the large intermediate risk group, resulting in either high treatment costs, or under treatment of at-risk individuals.

This proposal brings together key investigators and large cohorts with individual-level patient data (clinical and molecular profiling) to deliver precision preventative health. We will develop and validate AI (artificial intelligence) based predictive models for risk stratification and personalised primary prevention of coronary artery disease. We will also develop a precision prevention pathway and a clinician/patient interface for the effective communication and management of cardiometabolic risk.

Last updated12 July 2021