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Dr Xuyu Liu

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Dr Xuyu Liu

Identification of safer antithrombotics for the treatment of stroke

Dr Xuyu Liu, University of Sydney

2022 Vanguard Grant

Years funded: 2023-2024

Acute Ischaemic Stroke (stroke) is the second most-common cause of death and disability in Australia. Up to 85% of strokes occurs when a blood clot blocks an artery that supplies blood to the brain. The mainstream treatment is to rapidly dissolve the clot with recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA). However, this therapy has a high tendency to promote clot reformation and vascular re-obstruction even for the initially successful cases. Identification of anticoagulants that can improve the clot-busting potential of rtPA, without causing excess bleeding, would represent a major advance in the treatment of stroke. Unfortunately, current antithrombotics all cause excessive bleeding when combined with rtPA treatment, thereby precluding their use in the clinic.

We have identified a novel anticoagulant (AIS109) that has a potent anticoagulant effect while causing minimal bleeding. In this proposal, we will utilise a variety of cutting-edge in vitro and mouse models of stroke to investigate efficacy and safety profiles of this molecule.

Last updated17 January 2023