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Harnessing digital technology to improve heart health in teenagers

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Harnessing digital technology to improve heart health in teenagers

Dr Stephanie Partridge, University of Sydney

2022 Future Leader Fellowship - Level 1

Years funded: 2023-2026

Over 90% of adolescents are not meeting nutrition or physical activity recommendations and subsequently, they are at greater risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The digitalisation of society is influencing their CVD risk and research into the effect of digitalisation has NOT kept pace. Adolescents need health-promoting digital interventions and environments to thrive through their prime years of productivity. Critically, health investment is necessary to help keep them healthy and out of hospital throughout their life.

My vision is to embrace the digital revolution and primary prevention to reduce adolescents’ CVD risk according to the National Preventive Health Strategy 2021-30. My proposal aims to:

  1. Evaluate how meal delivery apps affect food accessibility and consumption so that protective policies can be implemented; and
  2. Develop digital health interventions to reduce adolescent CVD risk factors.

This Future Leader Fellowship will enable me to deliver 2 national-level prospective cohort and big data studies and 2 clinical trials.

Last updated17 January 2023