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Dr Rowena Brook

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Dr Rowena Brook

Evaluation of new markers of coagulation and vessel wall health in cardiovascular disease

Dr Rowena Brook, The University of Melbourne

2022 PhD Scholarship

Years funded: 2023-2025

Cardiovascular disease remains a major cause of illness and death. Cardiovascular events involve complex multifactor interactions including alteration of blood flow, blood vessel wall damage and increased blood clotting. Currently risk assessments rely on coronary vessel imaging and clinical risk factors leaving major gaps including the assessment of clotting and vessel wall function which may provide critical information in predicting future cardiovascular events.

We aim to evaluate new ways to assess these interactions by recruiting patients with known cardiovascular risk factors and assess both standard and new blood markers looking at factors known to contribute to blood clot formation. The patients will be followed up with repeated assessments to evaluate how results evolve over time, and in those who subsequently develop cardiovascular disease.

We aim to use the new tests to provide an individualised cardiovascular disease risk assessment to help clinicians monitor patients and predict who may benefit from early preventative treatments.

Last updated16 January 2023