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Dr Paul Geenty

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Dr Paul Geenty

Multiparametric imaging of the pressure-loaded right heart

Dr Paul Geenty, University of Sydney

2022 PhD Scholarship

Years funded: 2023-2025

The right ventricle (RV) has historically been thought to contribute only marginally to overall cardiac function. However, it is increasingly apparent that RV structure and function has prognostic implications. RV dysfunction can be categorised into disorders of 1) RV pressure loading, 2) RV volume loading and 3) cardiomyopathic process.

The thin walled RV is more vulnerable to pressure increases than the left ventricle, and consequently, the RV undergoes remodeling in response to chronic pressure load. Additionally, its complex structure makes assessment of function by conventional echocardiography challenging. Advanced echocardiographic techniques, and multimodality imaging (eg. MRI) play an important role in RV assessment.

My aim is to characterize specifically RV pressure overload, in comparison to volume overload and RV cardiomyopathy, by conventional and novel echocardiographic techniques. I will also investigate exercise stress imaging for the detection of latent RV dysfunction, and identify prognostic markers in RV pressure-load.

Last updated13 January 2023