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Dr Michael Falster

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Dr Michael Falster

Using big data to inform post-hospital treatment decisions with cardiovascular medicines

Dr Michael Falster, University of New South Wales

2021 Future Leader Fellowship

Years funded: 2022-2025

There are over half a million hospital admissions for cardiovascular disease in Australia each year. While pharmacotherapy can greatly reduce risk of adverse outcomes, there is little understanding if best-practice pharmacotherapy is being used following admission. Using ‘big data’ for all NSW hospital inpatients admitted for a range of cardiovascular conditions and procedures, Dr Michael Falster will investigate if patients are using best-practice pharmacotherapy following hospitalisation. Dr Falster will measure patient’s adherence to therapy, and identify types of patients and treating facilities with sub-optimal use which can be improved. Dr Falster will also measure outcomes for patients receiving different therapies or interventions, generating real-world evidence of the effectiveness of different treatments. Through continuous engagement with clinical and policy stakeholders, these findings will be translated to those implementing and coordinating patient care in hospital and community settings, along with established methods for monitoring patient care using ‘big data’.

Last updated29 March 2022