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Dr Fana Alemseged

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Dr Fana Alemseged

Improving outcomes of stroke patients with basilar artery occlusion

Dr Fana Alemseged, The University of Melbourne

2021 Postdoctoral Fellowship

Years funded: 2022-2023

Stroke is the second biggest cause of mortality worldwide and the biggest cause of disability in Australia. Basilar artery occlusion is a rare type of stroke caused by a blockage in the basilar artery, a blood vessel supplying brain areas with a critical role such as regulating our heart rate and breathing. This deadly type of stroke is associated with 80-90% disability or mortality, if untreated. Despite this, the optimal treatment for this devastating and under-researched disease has not yet been identified. Dr Fana Alemseged's research program aims to deliver improved outcomes in stroke patients with basilar artery occlusion through practice changing clinical care research in the hyperacute setting.

Last updated29 March 2022