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Dr Dorothea Dumuid

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Dr Dorothea Dumuid

Moving Beyond More: Towards a healthy balance of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep

Dr Dorothea Dumuid, University of South Australia

2022 Future Leader Fellowship - Level 1

Years funded: 2023-2026

To tackle obesity and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease for all, we need to rethink current physical activity interventions and public health messages. We need to move beyond one-size-fits-all recommendations such as “Be more active” which neglect other important and co-dependent risk factors (i.e., sedentary behaviour, sleep) and may not be suited to vulnerable populations (e.g., blue-collar workers). This program of research aims to use existing datasets and partnered research projects to develop a holistic understanding of how a healthy balance among time-use behaviours (physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep) can be achieved for populations at greater risk of cardiovascular disease. Expected outcomes will enable people to “live their best day” via time-use recommendations customised to their current lifestyle, work and social constraints and personal preferences. The research will identify previously overlooked opportunities (i.e., time of day, week, year) when intervention may be most successful in changing behaviour.

Last updated17 January 2023