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Saving lives with better blood pressure measurement

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Saving lives with better blood pressure measurement

Dr Dean Picone, University of Tasmania

2022 Future Leader Fellowship - Level 1 (Honorary)

Years funded: 2023-2026

My research vision is to achieve better blood pressure (BP) measurement to minimise the burden of preventable cardiovascular disease (CVD).

High BP is the leading modifiable risk factor for CVD. But, in many people BP is measured inaccurately. My research to date has identified the level of inaccuracy, potential causes and possible solutions. The research project includes a series of studies to comprehensively address my research vision, create new knowledge and translate our findings.

  1. BP TYPE study will develop, validate and assess the clinical effectiveness of a method for accurate measurement of cuff BP.
  2. TAVI-BP study will determine the accuracy of cuff BP and mechanisms of inaccuracy in patients with aortic stenosis who are undergoing corrective procedures.
  3. AIM-BP collaborative will conduct translationally focused research to promote the use of best practice BP methods and devices.

Altogether, the research project will tackle the problem of inaccurate BP measurement to contribute to minimising the burden of preventable CVD.

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Last updated17 January 2023