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Associate Professor Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam

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Associate Professor Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam

Digital health approaches for individualised management of blood pressure

Associate Professor Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam, Deakin University

2022 Vanguard Grant

Years funded: 2023-2024

High blood pressure (BP) is the most common risk factor for heart disease, stroke and chronic kidney diseases affecting around 6 million Australians. Current BP management approaches have significant limitations, are often not individualised and can lead to under-treatment or aggressive overtreatment and complications. Innovations are urgently needed to address this critical problem. We have demonstrated accuracy of a wearable BP device and developed an interactive care-platform. In this proposal, we aim to investigate for the first time whether a wearable device and care-platform coupled with machine learning approaches can improve individualised management in people with high BP. Project outcomes will inform the development of a clinical decision support-tool for individualising BP management, assessing heart health and providing remote support. This simple, relatively inexpensive, novel technology has the potential to lead to a new model of care and transform BP management across Australia and internationally, reducing future premature deaths.

Last updated17 January 2023