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Associate Professor Kathryn Backholer

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Associate Professor Kathryn Backholer

Protecting children from unhealthy food, alcohol and cigarette marketing

Associate Professor Kathryn Backholer, Deakin University

2022 Future Leader Fellowship - Level 2

Years funded: 2023-2026

Unhealthy diets, risky consumption of alcohol and tobacco and e-cigarette use are leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease. We live in a rapidly changing, digital world where children’s and young adults’ exposure to marketing of these products is unprecedented. Unequivocal evidence demonstrates that routine exposure to these products and brands negatively influences attitudes and behaviour, and therefore cardiovascular health and well-being, across the life-course. Despite this the online environment is virtually unregulated because i) there are no efficient means of monitoring online activity, globally and ii) the regulatory parameters for doing so are unclear. This project builds on a long-standing program of work, existing grants, post-docs and students to fill these evidence gaps.

Last updated17 January 2023