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Heart Foundation urges Tasmanian political parties to make strong commitment to tackle heart disease

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Heart Foundation urges Tasmanian political parties to make strong commitment to tackle heart disease

Media release: 7 March 2024

The Heart Foundation is calling on Tasmanian political parties and candidates to make clear and decisive pre-election commitments to tackle heart disease.

The Foundation has today released an election statement outlining the top policy priorities for the next Government to help keep more Tasmanians out of hospital for heart-related events, with Tasmania second only to the Northern Territory for the number of heart related deaths per capita

According to data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, more than 1,300 Tasmanians die each year from cardiovascular disease and more than 11,300 are hospitalised.


The Foundation welcomes the Tasmanian Liberals recent commitment for a new heart disease prevention and treatment centre for Northern Tasmania, and calls on all parties and candidates to make further announcements on their plan to tackle Tasmania’s biggest killer.

The four-step approach to help guide political parties on what is needed to truly tackle heart disease in Tasmania includes, at a glance:

1. Investing in the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Helping people without cardiovascular disease to avoid it.

2. Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Helping people with cardiovascular disease to manage it and live their best lives.

3. Curbing the Growing Vaping Epidemic

Developing cessation programs for people hooked on nicotine vapes, and raising education among young Tasmanians about the harmful effects of vaping.

4. Supporting Cardiovascular Research in Tasmania

Continued investment into groundbreaking and lifesaving cardiovascular research

Quotes attributable to Heart Foundation CEO, David Lloyd

“If nothing changes, more than 5,000 Tasmanians will die of heart disease in this forthcoming electoral term, and more than 45,000 will be sent to hospital,” said David Lloyd, Heart Foundation CEO.

“All parties and candidates need to step up and make policy commitment to tackling heart disease, particularly given that prevention through healthy eating and exercise also intersects with prevention of other common chronic diseases.

“We also know that behaviour change when it comes to eating and exercise can be supported by Governments who make healthy foods more affordable and accessible, create community spaces that encourage walking, riding and sports participation, and promote regular Heart Health Checks in high risk demographics.”

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